Smoke-free in a new life

Smoking is harmful to health, should be widely known. Nonetheless, for many people, a smoke-free life is a barrier that can not be overcome. Many continue to rely on classic methods rather than finding new ways to quit smoking.

In addition to a collaborative effect, which is regarded by many smokers as positive and is often used in discussions as a manslaughter argument for the fight against their own addiction, smoking is otherwise only attractive through all sorts of health-endangering properties. These are widely recognized, but for some do not seem to be enough to join the circle of nonsmokers.

When tobacco is addictive

Because smoking is addictive and not too short. Who smokes cigarettes is usually nicotine dependent. Nicotine is one of the strongest nerve toxins in the world and, according to studies, even causes permanent damage to human DNA. So cigarettes are a real imposition for our bodies.

Still, many can hardly imagine their ritualized morning coffee without the pleasure of a white glow stick. And if they do, most of them fail at the latest in the first few weeks, because they can not withstand the craving during a withdrawal. Even the toughest among us break in and fall once more on a pull on the cigarette.

Fight against the smoke cloud

The fact that withdrawal even with the use of nicotine gums, hypnotherapy or other diversionary maneuvers fails, proves how difficult the renunciation really is. Instead of trying further measures, which are usually doomed to failure, methods have long been known that promise much more success. One of the mentioned solutions is the extrinsic motivation.

The extrinsic motivation is based on the idea of ​​regularly rewarding one’s own actions through a reward system. To support this approach, we have developed mopusher one.

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